Motorcycle Videos: buy, sell and rent your used equipment

To equip yourself at a lower cost to ride a motorcycle or scooter, either you wait for the sales or you buy second-hand. There is for that a site of advertisements between private individuals very well known, but also a specialized site, Vide-moto, opened in September 2016. You can buy used jackets, pants, boots or gloves from 30 to 70% cheaper than the same new ones on the market, or rent them. And you can also resell the equipment you no longer need.

Vide-moto is a small independent company, which can boast of being the first online sales site dedicated to the second-hand and destocking of equipment and accessories for motorcyclists. The products are cleaned and refurbished before being put on sale (see the explanatory graphic in the gallery above), and we take care to inform you that the photos are not retouched.

Vide-moto also offers new de-stocking motorcycle items selected from the major private labels. On the other hand, don’t look for second-hand helmets, for obvious safety reasons.

It is possible to resell your equipment, at the national level, and at the local level, to rent touring or racing equipment for a few days. Practical if you are on holiday in the region, to make a day track or to pass the permit.

If we have not tested the service or the products, the concept seems interesting for the selection, safety and cleanliness guarantees it offers. And for all products, a Women’s section is available.